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Help with Japanese. How do you write certain things in Hiragana?

Can you help me translate the following into Japanese? Using hiragana and katakana. Thank you!

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    totemo ii tomodachi de ite kurete arigatou


    anata wa subarashii hito desu.


    itsumo shiawase de ite kudasai.

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  • 4 years ago

    hi. it rather is as follows. ????????????????????????? Getsuyoubi ha watashi ha dansu suku-ru ni kayoimasu. ?????????????????????? Mokuyoubi ha piano no ressun ni kayoimasu. ??????????????? Kayoubi ha shigoto ni ikimasu. ?????????????????? Kinnyoubi ha tomodachi to asobimasu. you are able to bypass over "????"(watashi ha = "I") interior the 2d sentences and the latter ones. it is between the features of eastern language. wish it help.

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