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We are poor so my husband and I had move in with my parents -?

it was nice of them to help us however every time my husband trys to find a job they always make things difficult for example he try ed to get a job and they said no its in a bad neighborhood we don't approve of our son-in-law working in the inner city I mean they criticize everything we do to try to get money and they complain we aren't helping with the family budget and we are desperate for money they say that if we were looking for the rights jobs they would be happy -what should we do? are they trying to keep us there?-also if the have a yough man and middle aged woman (like my husband and mother) they have completely different mannerisms and have to go incredible lengths to get alone with each other?

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    In all honesty, it does not sound like your parents are acting co-dependent on you and your husband as much as it sounds like your parents are simply people that enjoy complaining about anything and everything. Why would anyone enjoy complaining about the details in their life? Well, it keeps their life from feeling dull and boring. Take their complaints with a grain of salt, because they are not trying to give you an objective opinion. If I were you, I would try to get out of there as soon as possible, because all of the complaining about every little thing will put a lot of wear and tear on you emotionally.

    Liz, you are confused. She said they are living with her parents. When she mentioned meeting her in-laws for the first time, that is her husband's parents. The in-laws that she just met recently are not the same people as her parents.

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    ok i have gone through something like this...soon after i graduated from high school i moved to las vegas with an aunty so i could look for a job and then an apartment..i also had some chash stacked up so i reglarly gave her when i found a job she said the same thing that that was a bad place to work and so forth but i took it anyway becuase hey money is i looked for an apt and she was trying not to let me move, she made uop all kinds of crap about me like i wasnt paying rent, and that i bought home all kinds of guys...i only bought home my boyfirend who is now my i got my own place and i guess it seemed like she didnt want me growing up and leaving and having a life without her in it..maybe thats wats going on with ur folks...but again money is money and we all need it now how ever legal way u can get it!

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    According to your other post from two days ago, you just met your future in-laws:

    Yesterday I met my future parents-in-law for the first time I was allready upset about something else that happened that morning (not connected to them) and when they did something small I started yelling now I think they have a bad impression of me do should I do?

    Get a life, troll.

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    I told you before tell the hubby to get a job and stop being a daddy's boy!

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    My grandmother does this. They are bored and like having you guys in the house. One of these days when he finds ajob they dont approve on, you might have to have the "thanks for everything, but we need to be on our own" talk with them

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    They want you there but nothing is good enough for them. I would leave as soon as possible.

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    Divorce him. You don't need a person who refuses supports you with a nice house.

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