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My mom just got me new moom *twlight * and eclipse and she saw new moon 2 why is that we both want to know?

thanks tons


yes she did get me new moon but she said there was a other book called new moon 2 from twlight

Update 2:

the books i am allmost done with the first one and it takes me about 1 year to read a book and i got it done in 1 weak i have 3 more chapters

Update 3:

im just going buy what my mom said im a night owl i sleep all day and stay up all night shes not the same shes up all day and sleeps all night haha

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    Could you re-word your question?

    Perhaps your thinking of the 2nd Twilight book that is written in Edwards perspective, which is called Midnight Sun but is not released.

    I don't think there is a New Moon 2, i run the top Bebo Twilight group (over 50,000 members) and we are constantly checking Stephenie Meyers website and the other Twilight Saga sites but i have never read anything on New Moon 2.

    There are links to Stephenie Meyer website on the page.

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    Sweet hope you like the books!

    And what do you mean by New Moon 2? You said she got you the book New Moon right?

    Edit: There isn't a new moon two, only four books. =D She may have been thinking of the movie New Moon coming in November. Also, I believe there is a movie version cover of New Moon. Same book, different cover; with the actors who play Edward and Bella and Jacob.

    Hope you continue to enjoy the books, they are awesome! =D

    Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn

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    New Moon isn't out in theaters yet...

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    Never heard of it.

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