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how could she do that to me?!?!?!?

my mom just bought me a fake coach purse but i really wanted a real one!!! what should i do??

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    Say thank you to your mom and pretend you like it.

    If you really want the real one then get a job and buy one yourself. If you aren't old enough for a real job you prob. shouldn't have the bag but you could always babysit or do yardwork for the money.

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    well terri was right but jus went about it the wrong way. ur mom was tryin to b nice. smile and wear it for a while. and if u dont want to wear it jus walk out of the house with it and make sure she sees u with it. i remember my mom put together roses for me to send to school. they were not real. i didnt understand it at the time but i kno now she was tryin to b nice and make me smile. jus wear it for a while to make her happy. it will mean the world to her. trust me

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    Accept it and get on with life because life isn't going to end.

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    God forbid, your mother should try to please you by buying you something! If I were her, I'd never buy you anything again. Bet that would make you happy, huh?

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    get over it

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    idk maybe its real??????????

    dnt make your mom feel bad, the coach purses are expensive, she was just trying to be nice!!!!

    use it !!!!!

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