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How do you float on your back?

I'm in a high school PE class and we're swimming. I haven't been in a pool for years and I can't float. When I try to, my legs snap back into a standing position. Any tips to stay relaxed and float?

If it helps, I'm 5'10" and the section of the pool we're swimming in is 4' deep

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    Stay relaxed. Focus mentally on something soothing. Make sure to lay your head back far into the water. You should be looking straight up at the ceiling, ears under water. Most people are afraid to put their head back far enough. They try to keep their head up and that makes their hips sink. Take deep slow breaths. The air in your lungs is like an air pillow that helps you stay up -- like air in an inner tube. I love floating on my back. Very relaxing.

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    Oh i am not quite sure really. You see, i am a swimmer so i can't really remember myself learning how to float. But i do have little tips, lie on your back in the water and spread your arms and legs out. If you think you are drowning, do a few good kicks or waddle your arms (not too wilding) and keep your head up. Also try putting your stomach up as well. Remember to spread your arms and legs on your back so that you are looking up at the sky (looks like a starfish if you do it). Good Luck!

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    I don't know... when i joined my year-round swim team when i was 7, i skipped that part ^_^ and went straight to the swimming.

    JK. its called magic

    JK again. if you are just floating then all you need to do is to press you chest down into the water. its an easy mis conception to push your head back when you need to press your upper back/near neck to the bottom of the pool since that is where your lungs are. from there you can do a small light flutter kick and use your hands to tread water by your hips to keep stability.

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    It is all about your head position. When on your stomach, look down at the bottom of the pool - when on your back, look straight at the sky. Relax, and keep your stomach on the surface of the water.

    Source(s): I'm a swim coach.
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    I've learned a trick when I was a kid. When you float, keep your stomach out of the water. Purposely hump forward and keep your stomach out of the water. This should keep you floating until you find another more "professional" way of floating

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    well i sometimes hold my breath and slowly let it out and to keep your feet from sinking you can just very lightly kick them

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