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What Are The Best Make-Up Brands?

I need to know the best make-up brands for..

1. eyeliner

2. mascara

3. cover up ( liquid and bronzer )

4. eyeshadow

and i also need to know a really good acne clenser.

i dont have alot of acne, but i really want the little i do have gone.

I have brown eyes, blonde hair and fairly pale skin .

if that helps.

- thanks :)

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    Urban decay!!

  • For eyeliner, MAC's gel liners are really great, especially with their special angled brush. If you're more cheap is chic, then go for anything that is Revlon Colorstay. I love how they work and I'm really impressed with the long lasting-ness of it all.

    For mascara, drugstore is best. Go for L'Oreal Telescopic...though any drugstore mascara will do just fine. Remember - throw it out after 3 months.

    For 'cover up' liquid would probably be CoverGirl aquasmooth, but depending on what kind of skin condition you have, it can be hard to find the right one. I love Clinique Superfit foundation for liquid, but if you rather a more inexpensive brand, Almay has def impressed me.

    Bronzer should be dealt with lightly. And get something that is matte. Matte means that there is no shimmer in it. Shimmer can look really tacky depending on your age. (I don't know how old you are) When slecting a bronzer, don't get the darkest shade avaliable. I love Wet and Wild's bronzer in Light/Medium. It gives good color without being over tropical. I don't use other bronzers, so I can't give a good opinion here. If you want a really good opinion, go to a MAC counter and ask the salesperson to help you select a bronzer. But honestly, the W&W works amazing.

    And eyeshadow. The most 'stressed over' thing on the market. It all depends on your look and what you are going for. Are you going to work and back? Then maybe some relaxed natural shades, like MAC's Woodwinked or Shroom. Or a paintpot, which is color under you shadow. If you're, once again, cheap is chic, I've loved the CoverGirl shimmering sands trio. Anything by CoverGirl is pretty good, I have to say. There are some hidden gems at the drugstore, I must say. Just try a few things and see how it all works for you.

    And for you 'not a lot of acne' it all depends on how old you are. I am assuming that you are probably twenty. If not...well...I don't know. Tailor this to your group. But I recommend Clean and Clear Oxygenigation (spelling?) Daily Facial Cleanser. It removes the 'gunk' and replaces it with healthy skin. I recommend this. Anything by Neutrogena works really well, too. Just visit your drugstore. After trying different products and not liking htem, I love the Clinique 3 Step systems. At the Clinique counter, the salesperson will test you to see what kind of skin you have. This will really help you out! Don't just 'order online' and guess. It's important to use the right skincare. You don't want to be damaging your skin with harsh chemicals.

    So that's my long post about skincare and makeup and all things you should look at. My best advice is just to go to the drustore first. Honestly, you're better off there than at some expensive counter. I love MAC, but test the waters before diving in. Good luck!

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    1. Eyeliner - MAC by far. It stays on the best, is the softest, and is just generally amazing. I get Technakohl liner in Graphblack, but the regular pencil works great as well.

    2. Mascara - I tend to prefer Maybelline here. Great Lash BIG and Full 'n Soft are my faves. Cheap and good quality.

    3. Cover up - Clinique. They really know how to care for skin because they actually know the science behind it, so their products are really good.

    4. Eyeshadow - I'd have to go with MAC again. Their eyeshadows have very high pigments, and they come in every color you could possibly imagine, in matte, shiny, and sparkly. The only drawback is price; they're about $14 each.

    I like OLAY Warming Cleanser and Clean & Clear Continuous Clean. I alternate between the two of them. They have very different sensations: The OLAY feels hot and steamy and the Clean & Clear feels icy and fresh.

    I've tried almost every product you can imagine, from retail brands to designers, because I get bored with products very easily, so I have a pretty good idea of the competition. Hope I helped!

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    Ok so for all the makeup i would defennitly recommend going to a MAC counter or store and checking things out. The only thing i wouldnt get from MAC would be the mascara. For mascara just get waterproof lash blash (the water proof formula is better in my opinion)

    Ok and for a good acne cleanser i would say purity made simple by philosophy. It is so good! and Also at night after u wash your face put honey on it. I know it may sound gross but it works. Any honey just spread it all over your face and leave it for ten minutes. Then rinse it off with cold water and it helps alot.

    Hope this helped!

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    Clinique is expensive but really is the best. But if you are looking for more reasonably priced make-up, go with Maybelline or Cover Girl. Both are tried and true and don't test on animals and for the most part do what they are meant to do... specifically if it says waterproof, it is and if it says no smear.. it won't. So go with those brands.

    For light acne, simply washing your face morning and night, and making sure you remove all traces of your make-up before sleeping is your best bet. Along with drinking lots of water to keep your skin healthy. Don't get caught up n buying the latest fad acne cures which sometimes do more harm than good.

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    I like Almay because they make eye make-up that's geared for specific eye colors. Like for your eyes they would use purples and such. But I absolutely can't live without their new foundation. It's called Smart Shade. It blends with your skin tone and I've been using the same tube even after i tanned a little bit.

    As for the cleanser, I get mine from a company called The Body Shop. It's a foaming cleanser with tea tree oil. Their entire tea tree line is pretty good, especially the mosturizer. I also use their seaweed pore cleanser. As long as you use it consistently, it knocks out blackheads and really keeps your pores clear.

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    1 - Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliner.

    2 - Covergirl, or Dior.

    3 - Clinique.

    4 - MAC

    And Clinique is a good acne cleanser. Their 3 step system has done wonders for me

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    About the acne cleanser- I just watch wash my face throughly, use Ponds Cleansing and Moisturizing Pads, and then use just a regular cream- I use No7 Firming Cream (which is from London) But Nutrogena creams from Wal-Mart or from Shoppers DrugMart Works aswell.

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    All of these you can find at places like Target or Walmart:

    For eyeliner, I recommend Revlon, Almay, or Neutrogena. They're pretty good.

    Mascara-wise, I would recommend most of Cover Girl's stuff.

    I can't really recommend any awesome cover up, just because I'll usually buy higher end stuff.

    Any brand sells decent eyeshadow, really. They'd have to try really hard to screw up eyeshadow.

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    Eyeliner: Covergirl and NYC are good.

    Mascara: i LOVE Covergirl Lashblast

    Coverup: Almay, but i like Benifit 'hello flawless' for a base powder/coverup/foundation.

    Eyeshadow: there are a lot of brands that i like that work well. I like rimmel london, but most drugstore brands are pretty good.

    as for the acne things, clean and clear works for me.

    i hope i helped you!

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    1.MAC Blacktrack Fluidline Gel eyeliner

    2.Cover Girl Lash Blast , Dior Show , BadGAL Lash

    3.MAC Studio Finish Concealer

    4.MAC , NARS, NYX , Dior , MUFE ,Lise Waitier , Smashbox . mark. cosmetics

    Proactiv keeps my face very clear .

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