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Why do most american teenage girls look the same?

They all look the same! The makeup is always eyeliner and mascara and too much lipgloss, the fashion is either AF hollister, mini skirts, plaid shirts, or skiny jeans. Doesnt it annoy you that none of these people have a distinct feature about them. When you see a group of girls with the same hairstyle of super straight and sidebangs, it pisses me off. It looks like they dont have a sense of style, and that they basically are just, the same people.

Now i would like the point out that this is not true for ALL teenaged girls. I'm just talking about the girls i see at malls, and at the movies.

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    Being in High School is all about image.

    Once they get out of High School, they start to become their own person.

    But High School is just one huge popularity contest.

  • Erika
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    that may not real, maximum women folk at my extreme college-all different races, gown virtually like clones. all of them placed on their hair in a ponytail with a sidebang; Abercrombie&Fitch sh!t; pearl necklace. heavily, that's how ninety seven% of them gown, no particular race.

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    You have failed to mention that the girls you see at malls are almost sexually inert - they behave like boys.

  • McK
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    It's the so-called standard of beauty that they think they have to conform to to fit in.

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    high school cliques. you have to fall into one to be "normal". dress alike, talk alike, all that.

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