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Any idea as to what breeds this puppy might be?


She is about 4 months old

She has webbed paws

She is not a duck

She dries super fast when we give her a bath

She is aggressive, we can't get her to stop biting

Update 2:

Very small paws

Update 3:

I'm thinking more of a small breed dog, she's 12 lbs at 4 months old

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    Maybe a Miniature Pinscher/Beagle (or other hound) mix? If her legs are short, chances are she's got Dauchshund in her (her markings are similar to many Dauchshunds).

    p.s.: At 4 months old, she's **teething.** Tell her 'no' firmly when she misbehaves and ignore her until she calms down. Then, give her something she *can* chew on (like a Kong or Everlasting Treat ball).

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    a rottie/shepard mix, or maybe even full rottie (as the ears and eyes are very untypical of a shepard mix)

    oh, and just because she nips at you doesn't make her aggressive. She's a puppy, it's what they do. If you don't correct that though, i could become a pretty major problem.

    Aggression is when a dog wants to kill something. nipping and jumping are dominance issues.

    EDIT: 12 pounds at 4 monthes means that she'll be at around 35 pounds full grown. I think (with confidence) that she's a rottie x parkers terrier

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    i don't think she is a mix with rott or any large breed. because at 4 months old she is only 12 lbs, there is no way she is a large breed dog like GSD, Dobes or Rotties.

    my lab puppy, he is already over 40 lbs now that he is about 20 weeks old (4-5 months). we projected he will be about 60-85 lbs as both his grandfather and father are 85 lbs. and GSD or Rotties are usually heavier than that.

    she looks a bit like beagle with miniature German shorthaired pointer?

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    Is she really AGGRESSIVE? Or just playful. At her age I think she is probably just very playful. She looks very shepard to me. (The color is that of a Rott. but she body style leads me to believe that she is a shepard mix. what ever she is I don't think she is purebred. She is 100% dog and very cute. I love that picture where she is laying on her back with a smile on her face. She is adorable.

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    Rotty mix

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    She looks like a Rott/German Sheperd mix or a rott/Labrador retriever mix

    She's very beautiful though.

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    are you able to tell me how lots it weighs, and how tall it stands on the shoulders? this could be quite effectual, yet without a image you will nonetheless purely get hypothesis. one among my jobs assessing dogs at shelters is guessing what the mixture is. i in my opinion would desire to renowned the dimensions and shape of its gait, (how he stands), chest forward with legs slightly extra beneficial at the back of him or purely a conventional stance.

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    def shepherd prob mixed with rott

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    She is sooooo sweet!!!

    She looks to have rotti markings, but is really tiny to be one

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