So im Pregnant and .....?

So im Pregnant with my daughter Isabella.

And iv'e been having urges of having sex.

Is this normal ? And is it safe for her ?

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    Yes it is safe to have sex unless you have bleeding or pain down below or your health care provider has indicated a complication in your pregnancy which they suggest you abstain because of.

    And it is normal to have increased sexual desire during pregnancy, some women go off sex others become very sexually charged during pregnancy!

    Source(s): personal experience and I am a Doula and used to work in a maternity ward.
  • Yes and yes. Sex is safe and normal...that's how ya got pregnant! I enjoy it more it seems because of the increased blood flow to the area. Straddle up and satisfy your urges already!

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    You should be having intercourse,lol! Why wouldnt you be unless otherwise restricted by your doctor! It is completley safe for the baby and you unless the docotor told you to refrain from it or you have placenta previa! GO HAVE FUN!!!! During pregnancy is my most wanting it time, lmao!

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    You're still a human aren't you?

    Of course the urge to have sex is still there.

    Not to mention your hormones are raging. You may be more sexual now than you were before.

    And it's perfectly safe for her. Unless your OB has said otherwise, sex is fine

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    Well yes. Do you think all couples just stop having sex for 9 months? Your baby is very protected inside of your uterus. The sex will probably rock her to sleep.

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    yess!!! that is all i want! lol all normal :)

    Its bc of increase blood flow to ur vagina area, and of course hormones. The baby 100% safe!

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    Yes to both.

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