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my male wont stop breeding will it damage my female?

He keeps getting locked with my female. I tried to seperate them but they both cry so much its drives everyone crazy. He has tried to get her since I have had her for a year but since she is taller he never suceed. Now he found a way and will not stop. She is probably a week pregnant and I do not know what else to do but get rid of one of the dogs???? please help with advise not complaints

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    Spaying and neutering will eliminate the problem entirely.

    And, yes, he can cause an internal tear in the female that could yield hemorrhaging and death. Plus, both will be susceptible to testicular and mammary cancer in their later years because they are still intact.

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    You can SPAY the female.

    Its not a good idea to allow them to continue to tie.. if you continue the pregnancy, the result may be a set of puppies that are now a week or more delayed in development from the first set that was concieved. When the first set is ready to be delivered, they ALL will be delivered.. the under developed pups that were concieved a week later will likely die.

    SPAY the female and abort this litter. Once she's spayed, she wont have any more heat cycles. You can neuter the male as well!

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    Have you considered spaying and neutering? Btw, once they are tied, you can not, under any circumstances separate them. It will cause internal damage.

    As to what to do next, call the vet and make an appointment for an abort/spay. At the same time get your male neutered.

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    Do the words "Spay and Neuter" mean anything to you?!?

    You don't have to get rid of the dogs. You have to be a responsible owner and get them spayed and neutered. The sooner the better, especially if you think she might be pregnant.

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    dont spay her but neture your male cuz if you spay her now u will kill the puppies inside her then after her puppies are weaned spay her fgo to your vet dont get rid of any of the dogs the female or the male plz they might not find a home and get uthinized

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    Neuter him immediately and have her spayed after you've found good homes for all of the puppies. It's cruel to allow him to breed her constantly.

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    Neutering will help with that. You'd get rid of a dog instead of doing the simplest, most common, healthiest procedure for your dogs? Slightly irresponsible, don't you think?

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    New account, new troll. Maybe do everyone a favor and get both of your dogs neutered/spayed.

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    why didn't you spay and neuter them? don't tell me you haven't heard of these. also, go have an emergency spay! RIGHT NOW!

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