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My boyfriend spanked me!?

I got drunk the other night at a party, and this guy kept hitting on me so eventually I ended up making out with him. My boyfriend's friend was at the party and told my boyfriend about what happened. When I saw my boyfriend next he took me over his knee and spanked my butt! I didn't know how to react and I didn't resist, but it felt so degrading. He said if I do things which are wrong, I must face the consequences, and he says he has every right to spank me when I act like this and he refuses to apologize for it. I don't know what to do. I was clearly in the wrong to make out with another guy, but I don't think my boyfriend should spank me for it. I can't decide whether I should just call it even, or whether I should dump him. I really love him, and I'd like to hear some of your suggestions.


I also wanted to let everyone know that the spanking wasn't painful. I know my boyfriend and he would never actually physically hurt me. It was more degrading than anything else. I'm not sure what it means and he won't talk to me about it and now he acts like nothing happened.

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    I'm glad you know you were in the wrong, but your boyfriend spanking you is rather odd. Spanking is discipline for kids. Parents spank their children (at a young age) when they misbehave.

    You, however, is his girlfriend. How he reacted was rather strange. I don't know how you should react either. I don't think you should expect an apology because in his eyes, that's his discipline for you making out with a guy. But I mean, spanking a girlfriend is odd..

    Keep an eye on him and see if he treats you anymore like his kid. If so, talk to him about it. You're his girlfriend, not his daughter.

    Edit: But no, I don't think it's 'justified' for you to break up with him over a spanking. If anything, honestly, he should break up with you. Be glad he didn't.

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    My boyfriend spanked me!?

    I got drunk the other night at a party, and this guy kept hitting on me so eventually I ended up making out with him. My boyfriend's friend was at the party and told my boyfriend about what happened. When I saw my boyfriend next he took me over his knee and spanked my butt! I didn't know...

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    HAhahahahahahAHAHahaHA....Are you serious? This has got to be a joke? What the hell were you doing while he spanked you? Just laying there getting your *** spanked? LMAO. You must be thinking this is some foreplay. Damn sure ain't normal behavior for a married couple....father daughter only a married couple if it was done as some form of foreplay. Were you screaming "Daddy no!!!! I'm sorry I missed curfew.....Please...Big Poppa...Please!" Does he love it when you call him Big Poppa? This is my laugh for the day ...funny question.

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    Honey you didn't need a reason to break up with a guy but being spanked is a very good one in my lil world. ok you F*&^%$ up but you not his kid and anyone that says that kind of behavior from a boyfriend is ok has problems. Kick him to the curb and warn every female you know.

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    The first question to ask yourself is will you cut down on your drinking at parties or anywhere else so you don't do this again? The reason I ask this is that maybe you have a problem with drinking too much. In which case, you may want to stop drinking so you will not hurt someone with whom you are having a relationship by the consequences of your excessive drinking. Were you to think you need help to stop drinking, I suggest that you go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, which is a 12 step program to help people with a drinking problem stop drinking so they can lead a life without hurting others by their drinking. I don't think you would have made out with the other guy were you not drunk. You hurt your boyfriend by your drinking too much and by your making out with the other guy. He spanked you because he was angry with you for you getting drunk and making out with the other guy. He made a mistake in judgment by spanking you, and you made a mistake by getting too drunk and making out with the other guy. You and your boyfriend can patch things up if each of you will change yourself for yourself, by yourself, and for your relationship. This means that both of you will need to commit to work on making your relationship stronger and work with each other toward that goal. Were either if you to be unwilling to do so, your relationship won't work and it would be best for both of you to go your separate ways and get on with your lives. Forgiveness can happen were the forgiveness to be both ways. Will each of you forgive the other so your relationship will continue and not fall apart because of mistakes in judgment each of you made? The future of your relationship is dependent on each of you being honest with each other and regain the trust that was lost by the mistakes each of you made. Are each of you willing to change for yourselves and the relationship?

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    You deserve to be with him because after being hit of him you still say that he/she loves him... you should like to be hit... nobody in healthy conscience would be with a man that beats women. Still more being his/her boyfriend and no husband. He/she goes until it polices her and it denounces him. You cannot continue being hit like this. Make some soon thing or you will die in his hands.

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    Spanking? My mom spanked me when I was a child. You should break up with him.

    1. He shouldn't punish you with violence for cheating.

    2. Spanking is a sign of a wierd fettish/abuse, and you should leave before it's too late.

    3. He doesn't have the right to punish you. Your parents do when you're young, your boss does when you're at work, the government does if you do something illegal, but in a mutual relationship, your boyfriend doesn't have the right to punish you.

    That's just wierd. I would leave him.

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    That would make me feel bad also. I would talk to him and let him know that im not his child and would appreciate it if he would stop spanking me.I would also leave him if he doesn't because it will only get worse. I know believe it or not i went through that too and it only gets worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    S'up to you...personally, as an adult I choose not to tolerate being treated like a child, even when I screw up. If you want someone who has a daddy-complex, that's your biz.

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