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Using a toner after bleaching?

Can you use more than one toner after bleaching to get to the shade of blonde you want (platinum), if your hair is a very pale yellow already? And if so how long should you wait after the first toner?


and dont tell me to go to a salon NOT an option!!!

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    The way toner works is this - It neutralizes brassiness, orange tones, and yellowness in hair.

    I know you said not to say to go to a salon, so in place, I would recommend going to a beauty supply nearby and browse the selection of toners. Ask for help if you want, and attempt to pick up two bottles of the shade you want.

    After the first application (follow the instructions, obviously,) deep-condition your hair, don't blow dry it, and be kind to it for the next few days. Rub some leave-in in it whenever you get the chance.

    You'll be good to tone again in three days or so, if need be.

    Hope I could help. (:

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    The toner will tone down the yellow but it will not take it to platinum.

    Sally Beauty Supply has Wella Toner that you mix with peroxide. I think the lightest is White Lady.

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