Can someone Tell Me how to transfer RAM from one computer to another?

Like can someone give me a video

and also does it matter what type of computer the RAM card is from?

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    1 decade ago
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    Before you remove the RAM from one computer to be used in another computer... make sure it's compatible.

    Make sure it's the same DIMM type, the same speed, and that the motherboard can support the amount of RAM you wish to install.

    If the RAM is DDR2, the motherboard has to support DDR2.

    If the Motherboard supports the speed (800MHz for example) of the RAM, then it's okay.

    If you have 4GB (2 sticks of 2GB) of RAM and the motherboard only supports 2GB (2 DIMM slots; each supports 1GB), then you can't use it.

    Just double check to make sure it'll work with the computer in which you wish to install the RAM in.

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    If both computers are the same brand name and same model,you may transfer ram bar to each other.

    Open the case where you see the memory bar or check the mother board manual to locate it. Un-do two hooks on both side or ram bar,it shall be free to take out. Insert it into the ram bar socket until it locks itself with two hooks.

    Warning: Make sure the socket is free of dust.

    Make sure your body did not carry static (kill ram instantly).

    Do not push in too hard,you might crack the mother board.

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    1 decade ago

    You open up your computer case and you take out the RAM and you put it in the slot in your other computer.

    Source(s): I build my computer.
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