Reoccurring pregnancy dream?

Okay so only part of it is reoccuring....

I have a normal dream, almost anything I normally would, until I'm walking and I turn my head and see a woman with a blonde bob cut taking care of twins, I ask her if she needs help and she puts her hand on my stomach and says "You're pregnant," I say "No, I'm not," and she says "Yes, you are." and walks away.

I'm on the pill (every three months) and have had sex. But It's got me so freaked out I took a pregnancy test last week which was negitive. I know dreams are subconcious but what does this mean???

P.S. It can be any setting, the woods, the mall, my school, my house, ect....


This is addressed to TheDrizzle: =P If I am I'm sueing you for emotional distress. That is one of my biggest fears, I want kids very badly one day. Just not now

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    1 decade ago
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    The dream may simply represent the concern you have. Try to relax.

    Dreams about pregnancy may represent an oncoming, big change in your life (but not necessarily pregnancy) that you're not expecting. Just be a little more observant of your surroundings to see if you can figure out what that may be.

  • kohel
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    4 years ago

    This is a mental factor, this does not imply you're pregnant, but when you're ttc then you definately must talk in your health care professional approximately the whole thing you have to realize approximately being pregnant , your wellbeing and different fundamental elements earlier than you do conceive.

  • This dream represents your deep desire to be pregnant and have kids one day, but it doesn't mean that you are getting pregnant anytime soon.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think it's one of those ironic dreams. You're actually barren. Have a good life.

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