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What Does It Mean To Be A Late Bloomer?

Im a virgin, im 14 and me and my bf were talking and he told me hes a late bloomer and i figured it has to do with his penis and i said i dont care what size it is ((because i dont)) and hes like "most girls do" :/ what was he even talking about:? is he retarded?

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    Late bloomer means hitting puberty late. Many boys at 14 haven't gone through puberty yet. Girls mature faster than guys do in that respect. You're only 14, don't worry about his penis or try to have sex. You're still very young. Wait a while and you won't regret it!

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    Think about flowers. Take roses for example, most reach maturity and bloom at much the same time, but then there are a few which take longer to bloom - you have late bloomers. The same applies to people and some of their physical maturing.

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    Basically a late bloomer is someone who develops slower than other people that are the same age as him/her.

    For men, it normally means that he hasn't hit puberty yet, so he's probably smaller than other guys.

    Don't beat him up about it too much, most guys are sort of sensitive about the kinds of things (he'll catch up eventually, everyone does).

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    This statement is often used to describe a young lady whom has not yet 'blossomed' to full womanhood. She may be late or slow in her development physically as she may be at an age when others her age have done so. Above may include both physical and mental development, but usually physical. ;-) PS: It can also be used for males.

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    i know you're anxious, but wait to do that. you're 14. i think you might regret doing it at such a young age.

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