My period is really messed up.?

I used to only get it every 2nd or 3rd month, which was awesome. (I don't children, so I don't care if I can't get pregnant.) Then in September, I got it at the beginning, and then again, about 1 and a half weeks later. A week later, I have it AGAIN!

1) WHAT THE HELL? Anyone know why this is happening.

2) Can I stop it from happening.

Oh.. the irregularity of it started when I became vegan and i still am. the frequent ones kinda started when I began to eat less... i don't really know why, my appetite just shrank.

So yeah... could you answer those two questions please? :) thank you


I'm 16... I've had it for over 5 years... just thought I'd answer that.

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    Number 1, how old are you? This is not abnormal when you are going through menopause. Diet can have a influence on mensus. Mainly if you don't eat, like anoexia, you skip periods. I would definately see a MD if you are worried.

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    5 years ago

    I would get a second opinion from another doctor. They can do a blood test that shows up much faster than a HPT. It's just rude that that's all the doctor said. Good Luck though!

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    Vitamins are essential when you aren't getting everything out of food. cutting foods out of your diet changes your body and you need to supplement it with something.

    A good way to get your period regular is to get on birth control.

    This may help answer your questions

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    1 decade ago

    how long have u had it? the first 2 years it can be irregualar.

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