i would like some advce regarding hand surgery?

now i was informed on Wednesday i have 2 have surgery on my hand tendon lengthenings what i want 2 know it will it affect being able to continue my studies for year 11-12 during recovery and rehab or should i do year 11-12 over 3 years

note i have a strong objection to doing over 3 years as i feel i would be taking the cowards way out and not be an intelligent person

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    You weren't terribly specific about which tendons, etc., but you will have a cast and (if your fingers are involved) maybe fishing line to hold your fingers in place. My experience with hand surgery was that it was very painful for several weeks and couldn't do much because of same. Rehab is only an hour there and some practice at home--not very time consuming. You can do school but just plan on a few weeks off and then play catch-up.

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    They will put it in a cast. Your life will go on. It may be harder to flog the dong but You will get by.

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