am i really bi or not?

am i really bi ??

im a girl im 13.. almost 14..

and i really think girls are so hot and there just so nice and every thing i really don't know like im not for sure there just so hot.. but i don't really know if im bi i never don't anything with a girl really so i don't know am i really bi or how can i find out if i really am or not

and if i am then how am i suppose to tell my parents i think i am but i don't know just because there hot does that mean im bi ??

and if i hurried up and tell my parents i might.. not be how can i really know if i am ??


iam emotional attraction to girls to..they are just i dont know they just make me feel good and yes i do think i would feel the same way if iwas dateing one i think... i dont know.. mayb i should ask?? a girl out and see?? i dont really kno what i should do but ... would people make fun of me cuz im bi ??

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    Well do you feel any sexual, emotional attraction to them besides physical attraction?

    Picture yourself being in a relationship with a guy, do you think you'd feel that same attraction to a girl that you would a guy? That you'd be able to be in a relationship with one?

    If you feel any other attractions for a female besides physical, then you are a bisexual.

    If you don't, then you're just admiring their physical appearance.

    It's different for everyone when coming out though, just wait for the right time and tell them, and hopefully they will be accepting about it.

    But you're just curious for now, don't try to label yourself, you'll find out eventually if you are one, there's no need to rush it

    Hope I helped :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, I wouldn't start coming out until you're sure you're somehow not straight.

    I know it sounds condescending, but at 13, you still have a while before you're expected to know for sure. Just relax a bit.

    People argue all the time about exactly what constitutes being bi. Some say you have to have slept with members of both sexes, but personally, I don't agree. Otherwise, how would gay virgins know they were gay?

    If you feel some attraction for girls, some for guys, and the word "bi" fits best in your mind, I'd say you were bi. I'd also say that knowing you're bi doesn't mean you have to come out right away.

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    It is possible, but don't rush into classifying yourself one way or the other. You will know eventually, but it will take time and possibly some experimenting. It took me 4 years to figure out if I was definately gay or not and it can take a lot longer (it can also be a shorter period of time, but don't rush). You will figure it out on your own eventually. I know waiting to figure it out is hard, but it's all you can do to be really sure. I'll post some generic info on sexuality that I post on all questions like this below:

    Sexuality is like a scale of percentages that goes from ( 100% straight, 0% gay ) to ( 0% straight, 100% gay ) and everywhere in between. The labels of gay, straight, and bi are used by a person to best approximate where they feel they are on this scale. Look up the Kinsey Scale if you want some more info on this.

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    You are probably bi curious. Try waiting maybe a year longer and if you really do have sexual feelings for boys and girls your bi. If you only have "sexual" feelings for boys but just think girls are maybe pretty/attractive you aren't bi. It's normal to think someone is good looking as long as you don't feel like you want to get in a relationship.

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  • Alexis
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    Would you freely enter into a sexual relationship with either a guy or a girl? If so, you're bisexual.

    If you would enter into a relationship with only a guy or only a girl, you're either straight or lesbian, respectively.

    We are all bisexual to some degree. It is *how* attracted we are to either sex that determines where we lie on the sexual orientation spectrum. Rate your attraction to the same sex and the opposite sex from 0 to 100, and then check the following diagrams:

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    your bi if you get sexual active (get wet oof get hard) when u see a really hot guy or a reall how girl. if u call a girl hot it dont mean ur bi it just means that that girl is sexy. your just saying that she looks good.

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    you are deffinatly either lesbian or bi. and don't tell your parents until the timing feels right. and you cant help it its the way ur born. people shouldnt make fun of u because thatd b plain mean.

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    Yep, you are (or will be very soon)...

    but they don't need to know right now.

    This is a really good thing, you know? lesbians and bisexuals tend to be smarter

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