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Why do my knees pop every time I extend my legs?

I am a soccer player. Season ended last week. I pulled a tendon in my left knee a few weeks ago and pain was minimal. I also slammed into another player in a game with my other knee and there was bruising and pain. Now whenever I run there is pain in both knees and whenever I extend my legs,they pop(it's audible) and there it is painful. I tried working out on a stationary bike but it hurt too badly. What is wrong?

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    I've had that and still get the popping sounds. It can be fluid around the knee and then the cartlidge is usually what causes the popping sounds or a torn ligament which I had also. It gets aggravated. Elevate it, ice it, rest it. If not better soon see a Dr. I did and I ended up needing surgery because I tore the meniscus in my right knee. All just by stepping down wrong on a step & twisting it. Ouchhhh

    Hope it doesn't come to that for you so please take care of it.

    The recommended treatment for a hurt patella depends primarily upon whether it is an acute injury or a chronic condition.

    A. ) Acute Injury: If the hurt knee cap is the result of an acute injury, then it will be treated with ice and you may be asked to stay off your leg and wear a brace when walking to keep the knee straight. The stability that these supports can help provide can be meaningful because they help to keep the knee's structural integrity protected and aligned properly. - (Moreover, it is important to always speak with your physician when you any acute injury.)

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    go to a knee dr and get ur knee checked out

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    that is so cool!!

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