Questions about being an army wife?

Okay so my husband is joining the army and is going to "sign his life away" next week. Is there anything that you wish you would have had included in the contract?

Also, he will be in AIT for 12 months, and I was told I would be able to live with him because it was so long, is that true?

I'm really scared about being an Army wife at 18. His MOS is a lab tech and I've been told he might not be shipped out as much as other jobs. I mean, I can take care of myself. I have been since I was 15. I put myself through college, I bought myself my first and second car and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in july. But, I'm scared I won't be able to make friends on base because of my age. I feel like I won't have that support because people are going to judge me and I won't find people to relate to..

will I be able to have family come visit and stay a little while or do they not allow long term visitors on base?

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    The lab Tech school to the best of my knowledge is not 1 year long. There are 2 phases to the lab tech school. First is the school its self, 2: advance school after he completes the first phase and has worked in the area for while.

    He shall be taking training at Ft Sam Houston, TX. do not worry, army wives comes in all ages, races, ETC, but the common thing is that they are army wives, and have been where your at at the start.

    He can live off base with you, but he will be required to attend classes and all other duties when he is to do so. Yes if you want to visit you can go for as long as you want and money hold out

    Source(s): 23 Years Military Service, attended Combat Medic Course class at the bottom of the hill (After he has been there for while he shall know what it means).
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    I wish I had asked for a bigger bonus! lol but as far as living with him in AIT, I've never heard of that for new recruits, but then again mine was only 4 months long, and I know lab tech ait is much more laid back. Umm it is true he is likely to end up with a hospital assignment and not deploy as much but I also know many lab techs assigned to units that do deploy, so it can go either way. As far as making friends, when he gets to his permanent duty station, they have family events and picnics often and everyone is nice to everyone, don't worry about not fitting in the army is mixed with all different people from all different ages, races and places, so nobody knows anybody for the most part, you will make friends. and yes you can have family come visit you, when you guys get to the duty station the army with provide you housing or you can live off post, either way you will be paying rent and it is your house/apartment/ or whatever so it's no different than anywhere else, your family can visit you.

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    ok for starters yes you can live on post with him then when he gets time off from class you can spend time with each other. dont be scared about meeting new people on a post like that though, ur an army wife. the relationships that go on in the army like that where there is separation, you can usually make friends bc you can relate to each other. whether its wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend, or even fiance. If you do need somebody to talk to while ur enduring ur time away from him there is different organizations that u can call that im sure ur husband could get for you. ur also able to talk to the chaplin and attend church services. ull also find people from many walks of life too on a post...but as far as the family question? if you own the house or rent it or what not then of live there lol i hope this helped

    Source(s): 2 years in the army
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    Its not easy being a military wife but it is nice to have the security of a steady paycheck and medical. Once he gets to his duty station you can live with him off base or if your lucky he gets base housing. Chances of being ship out, there is always a chance but what is a lab tech going to do in a war zone. I'm on my way to Kosovo for a year. Been in the Army for 23 yrs. Like anything its what you make it.

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