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    I recently was diagonised as having insulin resistance & metabolic disorder, which is a pre-diabetic condition. Im 27yo F.

    My fasting and non-fasting blood sugar levels are within the normal range, however, a Glucose tolerence test, my insulin levels skyrocketed during at the 1st hr and 2nd hr tests.

    My symptoms that made the dr send me for the test were:

    - fatigue, especially after lunch

    - difficulty losing weight

    - always hungry (if I ate a large meal, I would feel full but then half an hour later I was hungry again)

    Id been sent many times in the past for blood sugar tests and they always came back normal. I started seeing a new GP and she picked this up the first time I saw her.

    The treatment has been: taking a diabetic medication, at a low level, after breakfast and dinner, and sticking to a low GI diet. both have helped a lot. I also cut out a lot of caffeine as it can cause the liver to reject insulin. ( I was drinking about two - three coffees and about 1L of coke zero in a day - now I have one coffee or one can of coke zero). I also started drinking more water - as I wasnt really drinking any in a day - maybe 1 glass.

    These things all helped. I have lost about 8kgs and I feel a lot better.

    Changing the way you eat is the most important way to stop being pre-diabetic.

    *** That is pre-type 2 diabetes. I dont think you can be considered pre-diabetic with type 1, as it is not triggered by lifestyle as far as I know **

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    I am writing to tell you what an incredible impact these methods had on my life! I have had type 2 diabetes for 27 years. For me, the worst part of this horrible disease is the severe pain I constantly get in my feet. The pain is so bad that I avoid standing and walking as much as possible. I've got to tell you that within the first month, my feet stopped hurting altogether and I can now walk totally pain free.

    Believe it or not, I even danced at my niece's wedding last month, something I have not done in a many years. I've been following the book for six months now and my blood sugar is well within normal range. I feel great!

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    Type 2 diabetes, usually referred to as adult onset, is when your body produces insulin but can not use it properly. This type can be treated successfully with the right diet and exercise in most circumstances. Read here

    If blood sugars are not kept under control at some point insulin will probably be integrated / oral medications are also available. People with diabetes can live long, happy lives but must be diligent in their care and make sure you see your endocrinologist on a regular basis.

  • Pre-diabetes does not produce any symptoms. I am strongly opposed to terminology such as glucose intolerance, pre-diabetes, and borderline diabetes. There is a 10 year period of pathophysiologic damage prior to the blood glucose being elevated. Thus prompt diagnosis and decisive intervention is profoundly important. Although I do not know your glucose reading I would call pre-diabetes early diabetes. To give you some reference values a non-diabetic's fasting glucose is 70 to 100 mg/dL (3.9 to 5.6 mmol/L for those not in the US) and their post-prandial (after meal) glucose is less than 140 mg/dL (7.8 mmol/L). In addition to fasting glucose a glycated (glyco- and glycosylated are incorrect according to the International Journal of Biomedical Nomenclature) hemoglobin A1C should be performed. Normal is less than 6% which approximates a 90 day mean (average) glucose of 126 mg/dL (7.0 mmol/L). If I may be of further assistance please let me know - - I wish you the very best of health and may God bless.

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    In general, thirsty a lot (polydypsia), peeing a lot (polyuria), hungry a lot (polyphagia), tired and fatigued are all symptoms of diabetes. If you are experiencing these find someone with a glucose meter and have them check you, or make a doctors appointment.

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