Takes a long time for me to get my 8 month old to sleep at night, but put her on her stomach tonight...?

She also has a pacifier in her mouth..do other stomach sleepers have one in their mouth?

She can roll over, I've seen her do it but she isn't big into it. And she isn't crawling yet.


and shes asleep!! I'm terrified because I've raised her so far to be a back sleeper due to SIDS risk. As much as I want my sleep, I'm too afraid to go to sleep because shes on her stomach..any experience with stomach sleepers?

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    1 decade ago
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    I know I will get thumbs down but I have had my daughter on her tummy since she was born. The one time I had her on her back she spit up and choked. When my son was born we were told never to put them on their backs because if they spit up they can aspirate and die. They really don't know what causes SIDS, and there is nothing you can do but pray that your baby will be safe.

  • once babies can roll over consistently — usually around 4 to 7 months — they may choose not to stay on their backs all night long. At this point, it's fine to let babies pick a sleep position on their own.


    My son sleeps on his stomach all the time no matter what i do he likes that position

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