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Fantasy football help!?

I got positions for 2 RB, 2 WR and a flex spot that can be a RB or WR i need ur advice plz

here is who i have:

Rashard Mendenhall

Tim Hightower

Ronnie Brown

Steve Smith, NYG

Derrick Mason

Dwayne Bowe

Steve Smith, Car

Fred Jackson

Willis McGahee

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    For RB's, I would go with Mendenhall and Hightower. Mendenhall is going to have a huge rushing game again, while Hightower will have good rushing and receiving game this week against the Texans defense.

    For WR, I would go with Steve Smith (NYG) and Steve Smith (CAR). Steve Smith (NYG) will do good even if Manning's not 100% healthy for this game, while Steve Smith (CAR) will have a huge game against the Redskins as they're bound for a win this week.

    For flex, I would go with Fred Jackson simply because he's been hot and very reliable RB for the Bills, and will perform well against the Browns defense this week, even if Lynch shares carries with him.

    Hope this helps.

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    2 RB = Rashard Mendenhall (Willie Parker is most likely out for this game and Det can not stop the run to save their lives). Ronnie Brown (should get most of the snaps either in traditional HB formation or the wildcat, plus Miami will probably have trouble passing the ball).

    2 WR = Steve Smith (Car) (DeAngelo will make the defense play more run defense so smith will get his catches). Derrick Mason (Last week Flacco made a habit of finding mason, and he did not disappoint)

    Flex = I would lean towards Hightower because this could be the week that he breaks out against a poor Houston defense. If you want a safer option go with McGahee because it seems as though he always gets at least 1 TD. I did not choose Steve Smith (NYG) because he is going to be covered by Nnamdi Asamouga plus Manning might not play.

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    Rasdhard Mendenhall, Willis McGahee, Steve Smith, Steve Smith, Derrick Mason. If you do not want to play two people on the same team substitute Derrick Mason with Ronnie Brown.

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    WR- Derrick Mason

    WR- D Bowe

    RB- Rashard Mendenhall

    RB- Willis Mcgahee

    RB/WR- Ronnie Brown

    Do not play steve smith (NYG) this week! Oakland will be sure to shut him down! Asomugha will be covering him tightly all day

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    Brown and McGahee

    Steve Smith, Car and Bowe


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    mendenhall, hightower, brown, steve smith and steve smith. But if you're conservative replace mendenhall for mason at your flex

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