Can someone please help me?

I have had a crush since high school. Never had the guts to tell her. She has jus broke up with her bf and she is stressed out. I like her so bad, and im trying to decide how i should go about asking her out! or should I @ all. pls give me ur opinion. Thanks!

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    Give it time. You don't want to seem like you're trying to take advantage of the situation. A lot of times couples break up because of a fight or something of the sort and still want to be together. If you don't know the details then you need to be respectful. People will often frown upon the idea of making a move on someone after they just ended a relationship. Everyone needs time to think about things and let it sink in before they know if they are doing the right thing.

    Source(s): Being in a 5 year relationship in college (breaking up once after 3 years and getting back together)
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    well don't go straight to asking her to be your girlfriend or anything. It's kinda rushing it...but just start talking to her a lot. and start FLIRTING with her. If you aren't already close to her, invite her along with a group of friends to a party or bowling or somewhere carefree with a bunch of people (guys and girls). And when you are flirting alot and can tell she's starting to dig you, then just say, "Hey, I was wondering if maybe you'd like to go out to dinner and to a movie with me friday?" And see what happens. On your date BE CALM!!! Don't sweat it, really. Even if you are freaking out on the inside, stay calm, cool, and collective. And I know you guys are sweaty little creatures, so just go to the bathroom every once in a while and take a deep breath and wipe the moisture off ur head lol. and get closer to her. go on a few dates with her. what the trick will b to see if she likes u is if she kisses u back if you kiss her. then when u KNO she likes you ask her out!

    and remember, ALWAYS do the chasing! dont let the girl do all the work in the relationship because it gets us girls VERY.....CRABBY!

    and we read into things too much so NEVER and i mean NEVER give subtle hints..tell us how it is (just in a nice or polite manner lol)

    could you please answer mine?

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    From a womans point of view, she is in a vulnerable spot right now. Even though you like her, it may not be the best time to get involved with her. Ever heard of hero syndrome. The guy that swoops in and saves the day after the breakup, most likley will get hurt when she is back to her normal self. Tread lightly, friend!

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    Depending on what she's like, maybe she'll date you on the rebound (if you know what I mean).

    I think you need to know what kind of a person she is, has she had a lot of past boyfriends? If not, maybe you could give her a week or two and ask her out.

    Otherwise, I'd recommend you just befriend her (if you guys aren't already friends) for a while and get to know her. Maybe then let something blossom.

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    i think that you should just try to hang out with her as friends and really be there for her if she needs anything at all. If she starts to move on then try to make your move. But just be a best friend right now. My ex broke my heart and my best guy friend was there for me through the whole thing and always made me laugh and i cried with him. A few days later I found out he liked me and then I realized I kinda liked him too. And we have been dating for about two months =)

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    well personally, i think that you should give her a little time and space, it mite bring you closer together if you suggest that you can help her with her breakup, let her talk it out, express herself, then when you know youre close enough and shes tottally over her ex then time to move in for the kill. go for it then. if you dont atleast try, you may never get another chance to express your feelings for her. she may say yes, she may say no, what ever happens, you guysll still be friends. and if it doesnt work out, then ms. right will come for you someday. just stay positive, and consider all posibilities.

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    You have a crush on her, of course ask her out!

    If she goes out with you keep everything simple and only to the 2 of you (not much talking about her ex or something like that, that would mess up the event and keeps her ex in her mind)

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    this is cute ;p well michael if she has just broken up with her bf then she is i say stick by her side..ask her how shes feeling alot and be her friend first be a good friend and listener

    you should defenitly try to be with her but give it some time. do you think she feels the same way about you? BE CONFIDENT!! im sure youll get her

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    Well I was in the same situation last year also. I never asked her out though, and that ended up being a mistake. I'd go for it man. Just go and and tell her how you feel and ask if you want to go out

    Source(s): Prior Exp.
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    Just take things slow with her. Listen to her problems and be friendly to her. Open up a friendship with her first before getting into anything too serious.

    Also spend time with her...Like take her out to lunch or visit her with friends.

    Let her know you care about what she thinks and how she feels. Eventually she'll move on and forget her ex.

    Then maybe when the time feels right, let her know how you feel about her.

    Source(s): experience
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