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How do I feed flightless fruit flies to my baby day geckos?

I have 2 baby day geckos in a 12"X12"X18" terrarium. I have an eco-earth substrate and some fake plants and branches for climbing. These baby geckos are very small--they can't escape from the enclosure and I know that they will grow into it, but how should i feed these little guys flightless fruit flies? I'm worried that they won't even notice if i tap some into the cage. Should I move them into a separate feeding area or put them in a bowl? I appreciated your help!

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    I used to have those! Scatter the fruit flies out. Make the geckos work for their meal as they used to in the wild... Instead of just putting the flies into a bowl saying EAT THIS. not "lets look for treasure and food!" as if your geckos are named terrance and phillip from south park...

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