Who is the most overrated College Football team right now?

I have to say the Texas Longhorns...After seeing the Buffalos lead the entire first half i say Colt Mccoy is a one man offensive juggernaut,and Jordan Shipley isnt bad at WR. But the Longhorns had to many close games that they were favored to win easy..I say Oklahoma beats Texas by 2 TD's !!

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    As a lifelong horns fan it pains me that I must agree Texas is the most overrated team right now. The past few weeks have not been impressive. However I don't think OU will win because I'm biased. Whatever the outcome it will serve as a measurement of how both teams stack up to teams of years past.

    Source(s): Been following the horns for awhile.
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    Colorado lost to Colorado State and Toledo. They are a pathetic football team and that was why the Longhorns were a 33 point favorite coming into the game.

    That the Longhorns were down 14-10 at the half was an incredibly inept showing. Thank goodness the defense and special teams stepped up in the 2nd half and scored 3 TD's or the Longhorns had a real good shot at LOSING that game.

    I would have to say the Longhorns.

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    USC. They end in the precise 5 in recruiting instructions very almost each 3 hundred and sixty 5 days, yet have not performed squat when you consider that Pete Carroll left. they have a number of the main well-liked women in u.s. attending the college, the warmest climate and a deep custom. yet that doesn't cause them to a reliable soccer team in 2011.

  • I'm a Horns fan, but I agree, there are times when I get annoyed with our offense. It seems like McCoy bails us out a lot. Most overrated I'd say is Missouri. They are in the Top 25, but don't really seem all that impressive at times.

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  • Bevo
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    A USC fan is callng the Longhorns overrated? That is absolutely hilarious. Who did your team lose to and how many games did that team win last year? Wait a minute. Luke, is that you? I believe it is.

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    I am not saying the Gators are overrated..

    but I was surprised that I didn't see but one person name ~~~ the number one team...

    usually all teams hate the #1. You must be a hater of TX,

    ok.. don't boo me..

    but as I was watching the game today.. they kept talking about Virgina Tech.. ??? I have not watched them this year.. but are they that good/

    I would say Lsu..

    Go Tx - Hook em' horns.. !!

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    LSU,they barley got by Mississippi State by 4,barley beat Georgia in the last minute,before they lost to Florida.Tennesse and Auburn can beat LSU.LOL Houston beats Mississppi State by 7 while LSU can only beat them by 4.

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    seeing as the Trojans have to rely on the media for their ranking..hmmm

    your first mistake was listening to analysts who say that one team will dominate another when we have no idea who the hell is gonna win...on any Saturday any team can win...was it not a couple Saturdays ago that the Trojans lost to the huskies...bet you wouldn't call them overrated but many people did...also if I am correct, the analysts had USC beating the Huskies by like 30 points..it would seem you know nothing about football...quit watching ESPN and go to a game from time to time..u might learn something

    no team is overrated...they all play to win and one team has to lose

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    well oklahoma didnt exactly blow out baylor and oh yea they lost no wait they lost twice this year and bradfords got no weapons it will b a good game but i say texas wins by 10 or more maybe 45-35

    Source(s): and the score 38-14 they didnt keep it as interesting as ur letting on
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    Well Dan Hawkis has ALOT of talent at Colorado, it had to all come together one game and it came together against Texas. So I don't think Texas is particularly overrated they just ran into Colorado at their best.

    I'm going to say that obviously Boise State is overrated because there only good win is a squeaker against Oregon on Oregon's worst game of the year. And I'll also say that Alabama is overrated. Great defense, but their offense isn't too good. They will be exposed BEFORE the SEC Title game (if they even get there)

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