how much fruit per pound?

strawberrys per pound

raspberrys per pound

bannas per pound

kiwis per pound

blueberrys per pound

mangos per pound

papayas per pound

cherrys per pound

pineapples per pound

peachs per pound

coconuts per pound

pomergranates per pound

oranges per pound

blackberrys per pound

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    strawberries- about 20-


    bananas-3 or 4


    blues- 50-60


    papaya a medium pap can be 2-3lbs

    cherries- 30

    peaches-3 or 4

    coconuts- half on one coconut

    pomegranates- 3

    oranges2 or 3

    blackberries- 40

    these are very rough esptimates. small mangoes could be 4 a lb.

    Or a big one could be 1 lb.

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    Your best bet is to go to a grocery with a full produce section and weigh them out, then count them.

    Strawberries - vary is size, but a 1 pound package is roughly also 1 quart (4 cups) and is just about enough to make a pie. So 15 to 30 berries depending upon size?

    Raspberries and blackberries - normally sold in 5 ounce containers which hold about 1 1/2 cups. Sizes vary with red smaller than black.

    Bananas - 2 or 3 per pound

    Kiwis - guessing about 4 or 5 per pound

    Blueberries - normally sold in 6 ounce containers and yield 2 cups each. Guessing 75 per cup.

    Mangoes and papayas and pomegranates - 1 could weigh a pound

    Cherries - sold in bulk - guessing 50 per pound for bing cherries.

    Pineapples - each one weighs 3 to 4 pounds

    Peaches - 3 to 4 per pound

    Coconuts - each one weighs probably 5 or more pounds

    Oranges - I normally get 8 to 12 oranges in a 5 pound bag.

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