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Please help i just got dumped!?

Ok i just got dumped by my boyfriend of 2 years 9 like and hour ago. He came home from college this week end. Well he wanted to see me but i am swamped with homework and all so i told him tomorrow. And then he told me i never listen and that i lie to him and that its over. and im like whats over and hes like us! He was going to come home next weekend cause its his moms birthday and i can see him more than! What do i do? What do i say to him?

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    so If Im understanding this right, he moved away to go to college, so you don't get to see eachother much? I think in this situation its probably best to just let him go. long distance relationship cant work unless the two people are planning to bridge the gap sometime in the near future. He has probably moved on, maybe even found someone else, and just told you that crap so that he could have an excuse to break up with you. When you see him, feel free to give him a piece of your mind so you can get it off your chest. then proceed to find someone new who wont be moving away from you anytime soon. best of luck! :)

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