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How should I deal with this girl in my class?


-this girl and I sit together every class and flirt a lot.

-we both had something going on at the beginning of the semester, but now she has gradually lost interest.

-she initially started contacting me over the phone by herself (she obtained my number from a mutual friend...i didn't even have her number when she first started calling/texting me), but now it seems like I am the one who is doing all the calls/texts. Our call/text ratio used to be 1:1, but then the ratio became worse over the course of semester.

-at the beginning of the semester, we would always walk out of the class together, and she would be eager to follow me. she would get up as soon as I get up, and she would leave the room with me as soon as I stepped out of the door. however, recently she started to take her sweet time packing her backpack and checking her phone, and I am looking stupid waiting for her after class. I even walked out of the class once without her to see if she comes walking with me, but no, she absolutely doesn't care at all now.

-i thought she had lost interest in me, so I decided to move on. but she gets jealous if I sit with other people in class, especially with other girls.

-however, I sat with her again for the last couple of classes, and she flirts with me in class and after class. however, she has started ignoring my calls and texts.

i feel like i am being disrespected, and i want to move on. but the bad thing is, we are part of the same friend circle. all my friends are her friends too. and if any drama happens, word spreads around very fast in our friend circle. i am only sitting next to her in class to avoid awkwardness during social settings with our other friends.

what should I do?

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    drop her. sorry sweetie but she just doesnt sound like too great of a person. and as how she gets jealous when you sit with others, thats just how girls are. they dont want you but dont want you to be with anyone else. lame i know

    be nice and say hello but the whole calling, texting and flirting you should stop. just let it go like nothing bothers you, it will drive her crazy lol :) good luck

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    You need to live your life. If romance is not in the future, the next time she bristles when you walk out of class without her just tell her you had things to do. If she demands more attention from you be honest with her. "We're friends. I like your friendship along with my other friends." That kind of stuff. Keep your tone courteous. I've known people in my past who played mind games with me and other people in my life. I had a female friend who played the same game with me as you're going through with your friend. From one guy to another: be friendly, be courteous, and be honest with her. Move on.

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    Maybe she likes you but doesnt want to show it, ive been in the situation when me and this boy liked eachother and something was going on between friends so i had to try and hide it. Dont just put it off, maybe you should talk to her instead of letting this to continue. Ask her why is she doing it? and explain to her everything that you need to.

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    Get some McDonalds.

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