Family doesn't like me?

I am on a camping trip with my sister, her boyfriend, my dad, my mom, my other sister, and my cousin along with our dogs and our cat.

So it started off with me making a joke and my sisters, her boyfriend and my cousin said

"That is so mean why would you say that??" It really annoys me because their joke was just as mean. Now, everyone is outside around the fire and just a little while ago I brought out cat out. She was sleeping and had her face nuzzled into my arm. I was holding her by her collar so she wouldn't escape. My dad yelled at me and my sister told me to put her back in and then her boyfriend said that holding her collar was worthless because she can wiggle out of it. It really upsets me when they say that. What should I do?

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    1 decade ago
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    Your family doesn't sound like they dont like you, but they do sound like a bunch of jerks. (sorry if thats kind of offensive) You need to confront them about acting like this, and say "Why are you so against me? What did I do to you?" You deserve an apology, and if your reasons are good enough, [which they are] then they will apologize. I hope I helped.

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    1 decade ago

    Go to bed and hope everything is better tomorrow.

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