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Does my tongue affect how i talk?

My friend was telling me about how when he was younger he got that thing under your tongue connecting your tongue to the bottom of ur mouth cut off because it made him talk weird....he said when i get older i mite have to get this procedure done to is this true?

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    Cutting the frenum or muscle found underneath the tongue isn't a standard practice. In rare cases, it may be necessary, but i haven't heard of any scientific journals proving that cutting the frenum is beneficial to talking. The tongue, teeth and obicularis oris lip muscles are the primary factors affecting ones speech.

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    Hold your tongue with your fingers and try to talk. It really affects it, doesn't it? Your tongue is instrumental in shaping your mouth and making the sounds.

    But I doubt your friend is a qualified doctor, so don't take his advice too seriously.

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    Yes. Very much so. Hold your tongue and try to talk.

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    yes the tongue effects how you talk but I don't know about this operation

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    Just because he had to go under that procedure doesn't mean that you'll have to do it as well. I don't think it's that common for you to start worrying about it.

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    ur tongue effects how u talk.

    when people gettheir stongues pierced they get temporary lisps

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