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Ousetion please answer??

My baby is four months i gave birth to her vaginally i'm wanting to know if its common to have stomach pains like period pains and gas pains i've had two periods since her so i'm not pregnant is this common anyone else have the same going on?please share


it'll cramp on each sise ofmy stomach its just now started

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    I am on my husbands account.

    You will find that your body will never be the same after childbirth. It can take up to six months for your uterus to contract down to normal size and your hormones to balance out. If it gets worse then just contact your dr.

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    My wife had something similar and she actually just got checked out and was in the first stages of appendicitis.

    Not trying to freak you out, but I would have it checked out because it helped my wife to find out it was more than just gas or cramps.

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