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My boyfriend is using me to get me pregnant then hes gonna leave me...what should i do?

I am a 13 year old girl who has a boyfriend i found out that he is usin me to get me pregnant and then hes gonna leave me. I dnt know what to do coause i realy love him and he says he loves me to.

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    Its very simple, close your legs. How can someone love you who wants to do that to you. You probably have never heard this saying, "what you do speaks so loud, I can't hear what you say" if someone gives the indication that they want to cause you pain when they say they love you, go with the warning sign you get from the pain.

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    At 13 years old the last thing you need is a baby. Having a baby changes everything. And I mean EVERYTHING about your life. You can forget hanging out with your friends. No going to the movies, no participating in activities after school. I am 21 years old and have two 7 month old twins. I was ready to have children, but I didn't realize how much my life would change. If this boy wants to get you pregnant, his life will change too. I cant help but wonder how old he is. It will not be that easy for him to leave you if he gets you pregnant...he will be a father. I'm not sure what the law states about underage boys having babies, but I'm sure the law or his parents would make him take some kind of responsibilty for his child. If he is much older than you, like 17 that's considered statutory rape! In my opion, your too young to be having sex. You should be more concered with being a young girl, not having sex with boys...trust me...you'll be better off. Love is not about sex to begin with sweetie. And there are so many STDs out there to think about other than getting pregnant. I hope this helps.

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    Ok so this makes ABSOLUTELY no sense...Really- why would he use you for the sole purpose of getting you pregnant when his plan is to leave you??? Makes no sense at all....

    He may be using you for sex...thats a bit obvious really...Thats just about all a teenage boy is going to do at this point. (most of them at least)

    I'm not going to lecture of judge you based on your age, I was pregnant when I was 14 years old. I am now 21 and really can't believe how nieve I was back then, but I also know that no one would have been able to talk me out of the things I was doing back then. I was a rebellious teenager in what I thought was love.

    So what I will tell you is this- whether this guy is using you for sex or to get you pregnant. It isn't hard to protect yourself....The smartest option is to leave him...but you won't do that...so the next step is to use birth control...don't rely on him to use condoms although that would be smart as well because of the EXTREMELY high risk of stds, but go to planned parenthood or to your Dr and get on the shot or the pill or something that he can't control, the shot works REALLY well for something like that...You get it once every three months..he can't mess it up, you can't subconsciously mess it up and forget a pill or anything...but yeah...thats my advice...good luck girl

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    1. You are saying that he loves you too, so why is he gonna leave you then?

    2. The only thing is going to happen to him if you get pregnant and he leaves you is to pay for child support for 18 years. I don't think he wants that.

    3. You should confront him and ask about this, maybe the person how told you is just lying.

    4. With all my respect, use your brain you are only 13 what are you doing thinking about pregnancy, you are way too young for kids.

    Leave your live, get educated and then think about having kids. (Now is not the time for you to think about this)

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    it style of feels he's have been given some insecurities that he has to artwork out. exceedingly in case you propose on staying with him for the long-term being which you're pregnant. tell him you will not stand for his infidelities, and that this incorporates ALL varieties of verbal substitute. If he can't be a reliable boyfriend you extra beneficial desire he's a miles better father.

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    ok #1 Your only 13 #2 and if you know he is using you to get you pregnant then why are you still with him! #3 It will be you that has to take care of the baby EVERY day for the rest of your life. You may think that you love him but honney you are still young you have the rest of your life ahead fo you.

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    You are 13 and a pre-teen. You neither one even know what true love is and you have no business sleeping with him or anyone else for that matter. Besides, true love waits. Your life will never be the same if you get pregnant at such a young age. Don't do it!

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    If he says that and you think he is gonna do that to you, you need to tell an adult authority! This is NO joke, it could end up very very badly. you could screw up you ENTIRE LIFE and think of what the baby's life might be! DON'T DO IT!!! no matter what he says it is not true if he is gonna do that to you. he does not love, he just wants to do you then tell his Buddy's about it! you will be just another notch in his belt! don't fall for it. God be with you to make the rite choice!

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    Sweetie, you're 13 years old. You're still a child. You have no idea what love is. Enjoy your teen years, don't get pregnant. It's not worth it when you're as young as you are. Please leave this guy, he sounds like a major creep to me.

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    1 you're only 13

    #2 you're only 13

    #3 YOU'RE ONLY 13!!!

    Have respect for yourself and dont let yourself be used!!! He isnt worth it. A person who really loves you wouldnt do that to you!

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