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best time to book an August cruise to Mexican riviera?

I want to go to the Mexican Riviera on a cruise in August 2010. I noticed that cruise prices seem to be cheaper when you book them closer to the departure date, is this true? When should I book it to get the best deal?


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    Actually just the opposite. I found the best prices when you book way in advance. Like right now is not too soon to book for next August. What I have found is the closer to the sailing date, the more expensive the cruise price is. It's rare that a cruise is not fully booked 30 to 40 days in advance. I have even heard of cruise companies over booking just like with airlines, except they put you on a wait list. So, bottom line is book sooner then later.

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    honestly it doesn't do much of a difference. You'd be taking a gamble by waiting to book because there is a higher chance that you won't get the cabin you want on the level you want. I would recommend booking as soon as possible because then your secured a spot and can save up for any off ship activities :D

    if you have more questions just let me know. Hope this helped :D

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    First, i assumed i could get unwell, yet after the 1st dinner, you will get used to it! Cruises have formal nights, i'm fantastically valuable you do no longer would desire to gown up, yet with hundreds of persons around you dressed up like that is prom, you may desire to experience out of place. Shore excursions: We did the Deer Island Kayaking in Mazatlan. Kayaking became into exciting cuz no longer each physique, nicely infrequently everybody knew a thank you to kayak. yet after the kayaking we only have been given to sit down down on the coastline of this island and relax! we could no longer extremely do something effective in Cabo with the aid of fact we've been there for a little while, we only appeared at shops and walked around. Puerto Vallarta we did the ATV ingredient, and did no longer time table it on the boat so it became into an experience to assert the least. yet there's a place there, in downtown for the time of from a statue of a guy using a seahorse. that's a eating place above a keep. they have the excellent TO DIE FOR shrimp you will ever consume. a place in Mazatlan has amazing seafood too. of their substantial procuring district, that is an outdoors eating place, amazing nutrition! different than that, I went with my boyfriend (that became into my first cruise). We have been given a balcony room, took a great number of naps with the door open, comfortable on deck and enjoyed the day off, which became into amazing. We went on yet another cruise ( with kin) and spent dissimilar the time doing stuff, excursions, and so on. I would desire to assert I had extra relaxing only relaxing and doing no longer something on the 1st cruise than being busy on the 2d!

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    That is no longer true. There are discounts for booking in advance and a good agent will check the price as it gets close to sailing and if it has gone down, will get yours reduced.

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    I am actually an Independent Travel Agent. and its the totally opposite its better to book atleast 2 mnths in advance for the best deals. Contact me an i can get you some good rates.

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    well carnival usually has cheap prices since now until like 2011

    i took the mexican riviera to acapulco in november of last year and the wheather was blazing hot!

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