Should I run with a broken collar bone?

I broke my collar bone 6 weeks ago and the doctor said it'll take 1-3 more months to heal. My last cross country meet is thursday and I really want to do it because I broke it in the beginning of the season so I haven't got to do a meet yet. Should I run and if I do could I mess my shoulder up even more?


The bone was completly seperated and it's starting to heal, but it still hurts. I asked the doctor when I first broke it and he said not to run.

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    I just broke my shoulder blade 4 weeks ago so i can feel your pain. It sucks being injured doesnt it? Firstly, what did your doctor say? Did you ask him if you could run? How long has it been? you said six weeks ago. Usually the bone is healing 6 to 8 weeks. What did your xray show? Are you having any pain?

    If you can speak to your doctor and perhaps see him before thurdsday (get an xray) this would be wise. Otherwise, I would wait. Its only been six weeks. Your bone is probably just healed but it can easily break again if you fall or move around too much. I would wait at least 3 months to start running again full speed.

    See your doc this week and talk to him about it.

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    4 years ago

    I am sorry I read this and my heart goes out to you, we had a small little boy that had something similar happen here the babysitter accidentally broke his arm but he was a rough toddler and his older 5 year old sister went to the babysitters house together, the next time Mom picked up the toddler he was asleep and woke up in the hospital with a sever head injury he will always have problems and may not walk for years, at least not again. The babysitter smacked his head into the wall and he has brain damage now. My mother broke her collar bone once it was because she was smacked in the shoulder by a tree limb, falling down a slide the wrong way could happen becasuse she lands face down with the metal slide in the right spot or smacking down. For the babysitter not to tell you or face you on this shows guilt, she is avoiding your call and had her daughter there tell you? Accidents happen but under a watchful eye which is what you are paying this Lady for you should know how, and she should tell you, call you with the news. My mother said she knew something was wrong once she got her bearings it isn't something that is not noticed once it happens. The only reason I say these things is because I want you son to live a healthy happy LONG normal life and at this point I am not so sure the babysitter has his best interest at heart, Please don't be too put off by this but you obviously have some consern and I always believe that mommy's deep feelings and first feelings are usually the best. Contacting the ER to find out what their take is on this and if you should contact the police would be my first move. When you were at the ER did they ask you strange questions probing you about the accident did you feel like they thought something bad of you if so then keep you boy safe, he seems to be a active one that brings great joy into you life, and I wouldn't want someone to put out his light.

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    the collar bone is one of the hardest bones to heal, I would not run with it like that. You could very well mess it up again. It does take a long time to heal and it is easily broken again after you break it once.

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