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Should I purchase a used ouija board?

I have looked in alot of places for a long time for an ouija board for sale and i havent had any luck where I live so i decided to try an online website tht anyone can sell there stuff on line tht live in my city and one person is selling they're ouija board (kinda old but great condition).

It is being sold for 5 dollars. I am wondering why someone would go through the hassle of creating an ad for this 5 dollar ouija board then have to give their phone number for someone to phone and arrange tocome and buy it because to me that seems liek a hassle for a small little 5 dollar item. Now i wonder why this person wants to get rid of their ouija board. I believe that the ideometer theory is makin the ouija board work but maybe this person actually did contact an evil spirit who has been tormenting her so she thinks if she gets rid of the board shell get rid of the spirit and when i open the board the spirit will move on to me. normally this would b silly of me to think because i dont believe in that kind of stuff but i got to thinking and would like to hear others opinion

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    he probably paid 50 cents at a garage sale.....its only recycled cardboard....maybe hes hoping a moron would buy it?

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    I would say no on that because you do not know what the previous Pearson has used it for and there for if the Pearson did not end the session right sprites can be attached to the board and possible haunt you. I would say buy a new one this is not a game to just mess with

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    Dude they sell them at Toy's R Us......Those things are evil so you better be careful. I don't think I'd wanna fry in hell over a stupid game. Anyways if you don't believe why bother?

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    Ouija boars are dangerous & Not a game. A used one, even more so.

    Please rethink this - for your sake, not my opinion.

    Source(s): Personal experiance with a ouija board.
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  • Edvin
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    No Its very dangerous to play that I higly dont recomend you it.

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