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My crush of 5 years just got a girlfriend?

I'm in grade 8 and have liked a boy since grade 3. We are really close and talk everyday, we hang out outside of school and I really thought he liked me. He insults all the other girls but always stares and smiles a me. I felt we were too young so I was gonna wait until high school to ask him out. I logged on to facebook to see he has a girlfriend, a girl who I hate and he already dated her in grade 6 but they broke up. I feel so upset. What do I do?

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    ...If you're in the 8th grade, then I'm sure you've seen the way that teenagers handle relashionships...they meet & greet, they think they found love, they date, but then they break up in a few weeks because someone gets bored or finds someone else...Trust me, girl, don't let this get to you because it's not going to last...And if you're really destined to be together then it will happen...

    Source(s): ...this is coming from someone in high school & has experienced some drama...
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    I don't think you can do anything about it now but to wait or move on

    Source(s): im in grade 9
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    teen relationships rarely last longer then a few weeks... months tops. just wait, if its meant to be your time will come :)

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    should have asked him out

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    you move on

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