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Wisdom tooth problem....help!?

A bubble just appeared beside where my wisdom tooth used to be and it hurts really bad. It's very gelatin like and liquidity. My girlfriend keeps telling me to go to the dentist right away. What could this be?

P.S. I pulled my wisdom tooth out like 3 years ago and a piece is still left.

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    Hi El Rojo,

    I'm not sure what the bubble is, but I've heard using hydrogen pyroxide, just swooshing it around in your mouth, can help with things like that until you can get to a dentist. Don't swallow it, though, just use it kind of like a rinse. If you can't get to a dentist, since it's the weekend, maybe do it every few hours, if it continues to hurt. I would still probably get to the dentist asap and have them check it out. If you have any concerns about the pyroxide, you can check with your pharmacy, too.

    Best wishes with this,


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