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will my score on the SAT improve?

I bought this "sat online official study guide" from college board.I also bought this $20 book from college board. I took the pretest on the online study guide and my score came out to be 1360. math was 460, writing was 460 and reading was 450. I need at least 520, 520 and 510 to get into a college that i am reaching for. I am not a very smart person but i am a hard worker. So if i completely study both resources; will i be able to reach my goal by December 5 when i take the SAT.

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    I'll be honest, I didn't study for the SAT and when I took it, it used a different grading scale so I'm not sure if 1360 means it's good or bad. But I am studying for the LSAT, which is a test for law school, and I will say that these tests are learnable. You just need to understand what the testmakers want from you. Studying should certainly raise your score.

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