would the ipod classic be good for me?

I've been known to drop my mp3 player on occasion and it constantly changes hands. However, my music collection is enormous and growing everyday so would the 160 gig be right for me?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I know from experience that dropping it won't ruin it too bad too quickly. The ipod I HAD was almost two years old and since I first got it, I dropped it all the time (pretty hard sometimes) and except for a scratched surface, it worked fine.

    The only internal damage I experienced with it was that due to the frequent falling and taking it in the shower with an amplifier (humidity), it started to pause a few months ago whenever I was listening to music or watching a video. It didn't pause all the time though, just every now and then, it was just a bit annoying having to press play every time it happened.

    Despite the minor damage, the ipod video takes abuse pretty well.

    Source(s): I lost my 6th gen 80g ipod on Tuesday, now I have to wait until December to buy another one :(
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    1 decade ago

    I have it and its perfect for me

    I'm sure it will be good for you

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