updated firmware on netgear WGR614v7 - no internet?

last night i updated the firmware on my netgear WGR614v7 router via the network ip @ - the router then went out, the internet light went from green to amber on it, and there is no wireless light lit up. i've tried both ways to reset the router and factory restore it - no luck. popped the netgear disk in to setup the router again, and on step 3 - activate network, it says no connection detected, even though it got passed the so called wait 2 minutes screen of restarting your network.

the problem is NOT my modem. i can connect straight to the internet via ethernet port on the modem -> computer.

also, when the router and everything is connected the way it should be, both computers have 169.xxx.xxx.xxx IPs assigned by the computer instead of having the DHCP IP or router IP, which in my case would be or

tried four different browsers to connect to the IP, no good.

netgear won't service me because apparently the warranty is from 2007 and is expired. paying for their support would be just as much as paying for a new router and i cannot wait to receive an e-mail response from them.

please help.. anyone that answers getting me back online will receive best answer and a thumbs up.

p.s. i also tried pinging, the response was destination host unreachable.

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    4 years ago

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