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what's the name of the capital in DC?

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    The capital in Washington, DC is "U.S. Dollar"

    The capitals in Washington, DC are WDC

    The capital building is United States Capitol

    The capital of the United States is Washington, DC

    This is my help from Washington, D.C. United States of America.

    Please pick an answer as the best answer, even if it is not mine.

    And thanks to Jessica I will add that the Washington Capitals of the National Hokey league.

    If these do not float your boat, you can re-ask and give us more specifics.

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    The District of Columbia doesn't have a capital like the states and territories.

    The District of Columbia is run from the District of Columbia Courthouse at 451 Indiana St. NW.

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    What do you mean? Washington DC is the capital. Are you asking what it stands for? If so it's District of Colombia.

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    D.C. Bob - you forgot about these Capitals

    Although most of them probably live in Arlington so I don't know if they count.

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    uh its the capitol

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