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new songs of 1009 please? =)?

Hii! Well, can you pls tell me new songs of 2009? im a bit slow when it comes to music. umm. I like rock, pop, and actually almost all types of music. THANKS! =D


oops! i mean 2009. sorry! =)

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    Cowboy Casanova- Carrie Underwood

    Fresh Out The Oven- Jennifer Lopez

    Celebration- Madonna- THE MOST AMAZING SONG I"VE HEARD ALL YEAR!!! (not the music video version)

    This One (crying like a child)- Utada

    My Life Would suck without you- Kelly Clarkson

    ANY SONG BY Lady Gaga-

    Poker Face

    Just Dance


    eh eh (nothing else i can say)


    Use Somebody- kings of leon

    bulletproof- La Roux

    already gone- Kelly Clarkson

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    Obsessed - Mariah Carey

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    i dont think any music from year 1009 is still around and if it is its definitley not new lol :)

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