Do you think there's more love now or back in the 17-1800's?

Do you think that there was more love back then? Or do you think there's more love now, currently, presently, furesent? (future/present)

Personally, I think that people love more now. Or are more into love.

If you haven't noticed, practically every song published is an love song. Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put A Ring on it)" was about girls not letting love or boyfriends get in the way.

"We Like Her" by Lil Wayne I believe, (correct me if I'm wrong) is about a guy loving a girl, but then when her "hot" friend comes it makes "a ***** reconsida"

Not that songs have anything to do with it, but also back then they were probably super busy creating new colonies, and having "it" was just to increase the population. And of course to raise an family and LOVE.


Answer with honesty and please,

only appropriately and seroius.

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    In those days , most marraiges were forced on women , for money reasons . People often loved people they could never touch -

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