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Why does Heaven have mansions?

I would think that material riches wouldn't have any value in that kind of place.

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    In light of the ancient Greek, "mansions" is better translated "dwelling places." The noun mone (connected to the verb meno, "stay" or "remain") means "a place to stay." But in light of God’s character, it is better to translate it mansions. Whatever dwelling place God has for us in heaven, it will be as glorious as a mansion.

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    To provide earthly comforts for these godly people.

    Fred Phelps

    Ted Haggard

    Jimmy Swaggart

    Joel Onsteen

    The Pope

    Pam Crouch

    Jim Bakker

    David Koresh

    Jim Jones

    Tammy Bakker

    Billy Graham

    Pat Robertson

    Benny Hinn

    Peter Popoff

    Archbishop of Canterbury

    Jerry Falwell

    The tithers will live in Soviet style apartments.

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    you don't **really** think that heaven would appeal to all those well-heeled baptists in their couture clothing and prada clutches who sit in the pews if god didn't dangle fabulous goodies and riches in front of them as a reward for being so miserable in this life, did you?

    please, those people won't donate to charity unless it's a tax-write honestly think they would give up dancing, drinking and sex with the neighbor's wife (or at least feel guilty when they committed such sinful acts) if they didn't think that there was a marble-tiled, indoor pool manor waiting for them afterward?

    they're going to be so disappointed when they discover there's no pool pool or maid waiting for them either. oh, the humanity.

  • It is symbolic language. Maybe it represents the word dimensions. There are many dimensions unseen by us mere humans at this stage in our development. The universe may be a multiverse, or many universes, parallel universes, and many other dimensions. In which case Heaven is a lot more vast than we can imagine.

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    The mansions are spiritual super-abundance. You are right, the worldly riches become old and pass away and never wanted or needed.

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    Poor outdated translation. The word should read rooms.

    In my Father's house there are many ROOMS.

    Material riches do not have any value, but God has to explain Heaven in a way that we will understand.

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    It's all about Jewish architecture. Extended Jewish families lived in walled compounds separated into apartments (mansions). Most modern translations render it 'dwelling places' or something similar.


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    Probably more enticing then homes made of clouds, or other light matter that one can normally fall through. I wonder if they believe them to be built out of trees as well? Hmmm. Holy wood? I thought that had something to do with priests.

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    it not about "riches" ... it's about separation

    if all the groups in heaven know the others were there, they would turn heaven into hell .... hence "many mansions"

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    Every good reality series needs a mansion, an omniscient host and various annoying inhabitants.

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