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How do i winterize my motorcycle, a 1996 honda nighthhawk 750?

im really nervous about winterizing my motorcycle, i am 19, limited mechanical abilities, and limited on tools, i know i should put sta-bil in with a full tank of gas, but what about carburator bowls, i dont really know what those are, and cant take my carburator apart anyways, there is a clear little plastice tube leading out of the engine, is that the oil tube or the crankcase oil tube, do i do an oil change? im wondering if i can avoid problems by starting it up and running it for like 5 or ten minutes each week? im really lost here, first time bike, first winter, please help me out! for example i read a lot about "drain all fluids". How!? haha, thanks guys!

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    What?? -winterize it? Unless you live somewhere north of I-80 you should just change the oil from 20w50 to 10w40 and ride the thing... do make sure to use motorcycle oil.

    Nobody is going to advocate riding on ice & snow but there's no reason you cannot get some riding time on your bike every week. Buy some good gloves, a weather suit, and a good gaiter for your throat that the helmet doesn't cover and go for it. (grow a pair)

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    Storing a bike is no different that storing a car.

    Change the oil, drive it for 15 min or so.

    Go to the gas station and add your fuel stabilizer to the gas tank and then top it off.

    Drive it around for another 15 min.

    Park it and with it still running close the fuel shut off valve, most motor cycles have them but not all.

    If yours does let it run out of gas.

    Remove the battery and bring it inside and set it in the basement on a block of wood NOT on the cement floor.

    DO NOT start the bike and run it for any length of time while it is in storage, this will only hurt the engine not help it.

    By adding the fuel stabilizer to the gas tank and then driving it the stabilizer will get into the carbs and keep them from gumming up with bad gas.

    They want you to remove the bowl from the carb to get all of the gas out, but you are using a fuel stabilizer so you will not need to do that.

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