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Do I have permanent nerve damage from Diet Coke (aspartame)?

A few nights ago, I was drinking a LOT of diet coke--at my work, we are allowed to have drinks for free.

I woke up the next morning with fogginess of mind, slightly swollen lips, and a "creepy-crawly" feeling all over my face--as though my face was beginning to go numb, but wasn't actually..

..It has been a day, and my lips are still slightly swollen, and I still have that "creepy-crawly" feeling on my face..and also a slight loss of taste.

..I've read recently that sometimes aspartame can permanently damage your nerves. Is this what has happened to me?


..On the 8th, I worked into the evening. Then, followed one night.

The next day, I was swollen. Then followed another night.

Roughly one day later (these observations were made this morning), I still have the symptoms.

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  • Steve
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    all aspartame studies are crap, they pumped rats full of it in uncontrolled situations. that's "bad" science and shouldn't be taken seriously.

    it's not a natural food, just try to stay away from it in the future

  • 1 decade ago

    You said a few nights ago then you say it has been a day. Which is it? When did you drink all the diet coke.

    You could still be water-logged. I doubt it is the the aspartame unless you are allergic/sensitive to it.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    My mother beverages 6 cans of nutrition coke each and every night time, and has been doing so due to the fact she used to be sixteen. She's forty six now, so if 30 years of consuming nutrition coke hasn't performed that to her, i doubt that the coke has performed that to you, it mightve been anything else. won't had been that a lot support, however i acquired two features nonetheless.

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