On Ocarina of Time, how do you defeat dark link?

I'm just now at Dark Link, but all strategies on the internet are ineffective. I can't tell when DL's going to attack, so the hookshot/hammer method is out... Even when I don't move I sometimes jab with the sword, so the sword method is out, and I don't have enough of a magic bar to use Din's fire 8 times. I don't have the biggoron's sword yet, and I don't have Nayru's love either.

How do I defeat Dark Link when all methods are unavailable or don't work at all?


What if I want to use the least easiest way that takes the longest time and doesn't make me lose hearts and doesn't use hammer/hookshot because I suck at that?

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    Go fill your jars with the green stuff, that replinshes your magic, if you don't have enough jars, then you go quest and get them...

    Din's fire is by far the easiest way to beat him, but you CAN do it with the hookshot/hammer... you just have to keep practicing.. It's easy enough to tell when he's going to attack, just stay calm and don't get nervous... Hint: he likes to attack when you're not blocking.. So stop blocking and just watch for his movements.

    Anyways, good luck, it is one of the more 'pain in the ***' parts of the game.

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    Well, the way Dark link is designed is to have skill based on you and your items. I can't remember exactly what affects his skill level when it comes to your playing, but I think it has something to do with how you've performed on previous boss fights.

    Along with that his skill level rises as you fight him. For instance he will never strike until you hit him twice I think, he will only defend. Then once he starts on the offensive his skills grow in how well he can counter you.

    Now the weapons break down is like this and this is just an example not an exact science.

    He will dodge almost all magic, unless you are so close to him he is practically part of you. So the spin move is out.

    With the Master Sword he will dodge 19 of 20 jabs. He will block 24 of 25 slices. He will block 24 of 25 swings. And he will Almost always dodge a jump strike.

    With the Megaton Hammer he will block somewhere around 29 of 30 hits.

    With the Biggoron Sword this is all incredibly reduced and you might consider getting it. He will be struck by every 3rd or 4th jab. He will block 7 of 8 slices. He will block every 4 of 5 swings. But still he will almost alway dodge a jump attack.

    So, the best advice for what you're asking long fight, less damage to you: use the master Sword. Swing and slice only. Do not jab as he will dodge it in the beginning and eventually use it as a means of hitting you. This will take bloody long, but it will probably be the best for you. And obviously don't turn your back to him.

    One more thing, there was a rumor a long time ago that I tested once. I know some people think it's ridiculous and swear it doesn't work. Others swear by the method. Personally I always use the Biggoron Sword, but the one time I tested this it worked, whether by coincidence or proof of the method I don't know. But the method is very simple:

    Don't target Dark Link. The theory behind this is that part of how he was programmed was to read your moves, and if you're targetting him your moves are very limited. But you open up another two or three stikes if you don't target him.

    Anyway, good luck! If you need anything else just e-mail me.

    Oh and I've heard the Sun's Song has an effect, never tried it though.

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    Fill up your magic bar, get your fill of hearts, stock up on fairies, and make sure you have all the deku nuts you can get. Spam Din's Fire as many times as you can, then use deku nuts to freeze him and slash him when he's frozen, and if he's still alive, just spam your megaton hammer and your master sword. Mix and match, ya know??? Don't bother with bombs...

    Source(s): Logic, other strategies...
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