Can i put true duals on my truck?

I have a 1994 chevy z71 and i was wonderin if i could put true duals on it. I would like to run the pipes all the way back behind the tires, but its not necessary. And, if i can, can someone tell me the the right size of pipes to use. Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Anything can be made. Go to a muffler shop who can bend pipes for you. They can customize an exhaust system for your car, but legally they need to install the catalytic converters back on the car. So you need two low flow cats and 2 mufflers. larger pipes mean less back pressure and more top end speed. Go with the large 2 1/2 pipes or larger if you have the room.

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    A single 2 1/2 inch or a single 3 inch pipe will make more power for you than a set of true duals will. Just buy a Flowmaster muffler of something similar that has a dual outlet for the dual pipe look.

    Seriously, the single exhaust will make more power. It is based on the firing pulses i each pipe due to the firing order. Leave a single on there. single 3 inch Flowmaster with 3 inch pipe will support over 350HP and your TBI is not even close to it at 250HP let alone 350. I've built lots of these as well as make cams for thousands of them in stock trim. And the cam change alone in stock trim nets them on average of about 3MPG gains in the city and they idle like the stock cam but they run completely different.

    Another thing you can do is to tighten the piston to head quench clearance with a Fel pro pn1094 head gasket.

    Source(s): Cam designer and full competition race engine builder.
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