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What are 10 things everyone should do before they die?

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    1. Do things that leave less of a carbon footprint

    2. Plant a few trees. Apple trees are nice.

    3. Fall head over heels madly in love

    4. Own a really cool sports car.

    5. Build something big with your own two hands.

    6. See most of the USA, Europe and then some.

    7. Swim in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans

    8. Have a home and family

    9. Do a job you would still want to do,if you didn't get paid.

    10.Write your memoirs and leave it for someone you love.

  • 1. Ride a roller coaster

    2. See the beach.

    3. Travel the world.

    4. Learn a different language.

    5. Love someone.

    6. Have a pet.

    7. Have awesome sex.

    8. Learn to give back to the world.

    9. Listen to great music.

    10. Learn to drive a car.

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    I don't know 10 things a person should do, because I don't know what everyone wants. But one thing for sure a person should do before they die is... live. I think that would be a good thing, and have fun with it ;)

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    1. Do something illegal

    2. Travel to a rural or poor area to understand what it's like.

    3. Buy something super expensive you like. Designer something, nice car, whatever.

    4. Go live out of the country you were raised in

    5. Bake something

    6. Donate money to a good cause

    7. Do something for the environment

    8. Make a new friend. I know this sounds stupid, but go to a club or something and find someone you can connect with.

    9. Get Drunk. but don't drive

    10. Love someone with all you heart.

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    1) Make love

    2) Read something that goes against your own world-view

    3) Look for similarities in apparent differences

    4) Go whitewater-rafting

    5) go to the mountains and fish on a pristine lake

    6) learn to storytell about your past in humourous ways

    7) get to know your parents and/or relatives no matter what

    8) learn to speak in public

    9) mentor a child

    10) make your living space echo your deepest principles of life.

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    find happiness


    find thier soul mate

    conquer thier fears

    travel the world

    find a favorite book

    see thier favorite musician/band live

    tie thier grandchilds shoe

    say goodbye

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    1.)Play super mario brothers (anyone, but preferably 3)

    2.)BBQ with a shitload of people

    3.)smoke cigs

    4.)quit smoking

    5.)eat snickers and drink dr. pepper at the same time

    6.)travel with the bros/family/lover

    7.)talk with a stranger even though you normally wouldnt

    8.)confess stuff

    9.)smile n ****

    10.)Find true happiness

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    cant come up of 10 right now... find your passion and learn to love are the things that stand out in my head right now

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